Cartridge-Ad9 New Air Dryer - AC2001

Cartridge-Ad9 New Air Dryer

Air Dryer Cartridge Bendix Ad9 System

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Cartridge-Ad9 New Air Dryer - AC2001 :

Air Dryer Cartridge for Bendix AD9

Cross Reference

Alliance Parts: ABP/R42B-107794X

Baldwin Filters: BA5377, BA5377JAB

Bendix: 107796, 107794BXR, 107794X, 107796M1D, R107794

Haldex: 107794BXWRMAN, 107794X, 107794RXM-1DRMAN

Inline: ADC2000

ArvinMeritor: R955107796N

New Star: S-A474



Trucks equipped with air brakes have an air compressor on the engine. The air compressor keeps air tanks full, so there is always air available to stop the truck. All air has a certain level of humidity, which means there is always water vapor in the atmosphere – no matter if you’re in a dry or damp climate. Air is heated as it is compressed and it cools as it travels through the discharge line to the air tank. This cooling results in condensation, creating pools of water in the bottom of the truck’s air tanks. As a result, oil from the compressor and any contaminants that made it through the compressors air filter in the water might be found in the air tank. TRP® Air Dryer Cartridges eliminate water and contaminants from the air system.

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