Bearing-Center Assy - 5003323

Bearing-Center Assy

Center Bearing Assembly

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Bearing-Center Assy - 5003323 :


The new Spicer XC™self-aligning center bearing provides optimal
alignment within plus (+) or minus (-) 10 degrees, which translates
into improved performance and durability. The advanced technology
elastomermaterial reduces noise and vibration, while the innovative
design maintains the properdriveline angle to maximize driveshaft
and component life.This best-in-class center bearing assembly also includes
a maintenance-free, double-lip sealed bearing to reduce
contamination, eliminate the need for a dust shield, and
provide longer life.
•Improved Performance
  - Maintenance free factory sealed bearing and
    double-lip seal configuration decreases
    contamination and extends life.
  - Innovative design allows for angle fluctuations
    of +/- 10 degrees.
  - Advanced technology elastomer material
    decreases levels of noise and vibration.
•Weight Reduction
  - Approximately 1.3 pounds lighter than
    previous center bearings.
•Simplified Installation
  - Elimination of dust shields due to NEW sealed
    bearing technology.
  - Eliminates the need for multi-hanger bracket
    and cross member configurations.
•Approved for all On- and Off- Highway applications
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